Dear customers,

After 20 years we have decided to retire this year (2023). We have closed our physical store and have significantly reduced our webshop presence.

Visit us now at to shop for tea cozies (for EU-based customers in selected countries only)

We have downscaled with mixed feelings: we are looking forward to our retirement and all the opportunities that it brings. However, for 20 years we have with much pleasure served loyal customers in many countries around the world, which now has come mostly to a close. 

We will remember you all with fond memories for the many great interactions we were able to have with customers all over the world. Some of you even came to visit us. We have been always amazed that you trusted us with your money to await arrival of that item, very special to you. We have always done the best we could not to disappoint you.  

Thank you all for your trust and your continued support over many years. We enjoyed all the good wishes that we received from many of you.  

Regards, Nora and Wim. 

We are no longer receiving messages via  If you wish to contact us you can do so via